Tea Market Share, Size, Value, Top Manufacturers, Trends, Manufacturing Process, Sales And Forecast 2028

Tea Market Share, Size, Value, Top Manufacturers, Trends, Manufacturing Process, Sales And Forecast 2028

Tea Market

Report Overview:

Produced from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, tea is among the most popular beverages in the world. Increasing awareness of the product’s benefits, such as the capacity to improve the immune system, strengthen bones and teeth, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and kidney stones, and regulate blood cholesterol levels, is expected to drive product demand.

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Increasing consumer disposable income and willingness to spend more on a variety of items drives the introduction of premium and unique mixes. They have added a variety of healthful components to their tea blends in an effort to combat a variety of prevalent health concerns, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, among others. Increasing application in the beauty and cosmetics sectors is anticipated to boost market expansion.

The increasing popularity of organic tea is predicted to contribute positively to the expansion of the tea market. To attract more consumers, manufacturers engage in R&D to enhance the quality and flavour of their products. For example, Green Hills developed Rum and Honey Flavored Herbal Tea for consumers seeking low-sugar beverages. The product is alcohol-free and contains licorice, apple, cinnamon, and star anise, which impart an alcohol-like flavour.

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Black, green, and herbal teas are the most sought-after product varieties among global customers. Green tea is renowned for its antioxidant effects; as a result, it is increasingly used by pregnant women, health-conscious individuals, and seniors. Oolong tea is a combination of black and green tea and has been shown to prevent high blood cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. The product is extremely well-liked in China and Japan. Green and herbal teas, such as camomile and jasmine, are also frequently used as a treatment for blemish-free skin and good hair, hence boosting product demand.

Increasing preference for tea over carbonated beverages, particularly among health-conscious consumers, is a major factor driving market expansion. Due to its low caffeine and high antioxidant content, tea is an age-appropriate beverage. The rising demand for the product is anticipated to stimulate market innovation. For example, Twinings just debuted their Superblends in seven varieties, including Sleep, Energize, Glow, Defense, Detox, Matcha, and Turmeric.

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Market Analysis:

The tea industry in India is driven by the widespread use of the beverage across all socioeconomic strata. As customers prefer luxury brands, India’s solid economic growth and the resulting rise in the middle class population are also serving as growth drivers for the business. Increasing demand for the packaged type of the beverage in both urban and rural areas as a result of lower chances of adulteration, simple storage, and their improved quality is further bolstering the Indian tea sector. In addition, the demand for packaged variations containing natural components is increasing.

The middle class is also more open to experimenting with tea blends, hence fostering the expansion of segments such as fruit, herbal, and other speciality variations. People are becoming more aware of the health benefits of green tea, which is projected to lead to a substantial increase in its consumption in the future years. The urban population is driving the green tea sector, which is encouraged by their rising consumption of the beverage without milk. Thus, India’s tea business is further bolstered by the country’s expanding urbanisation and rising disposable incomes.

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In the coming years, the market is anticipated to be driven by the rising popularity of cafes/lounges that predominantly serve beverages. The convenience of its distribution channels, such as ‘kirana’ stores and supermarkets, and the expanding online channel will also contribute to the expansion of the industry. With busier lifestyles and a larger labour force, the RTD category has the potential to grow as customers seek more convenient foods and drinks. In the coming years, packaging and flavour innovations will also contribute to the growth of the sector. Another component for the advancement of the industry is the rural sector.

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