Invention of New Method for Flexible Electronics by Scientists

Invention of New Method for Flexible Electronics by Scientists

New study from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Science and Technology of China proposes an approach to preparing flexible electronics that is simple, fast, and clean, in order to address the most pressing issues related to materials and manufacturing procedures.

Electronics built on conformable or moldable substrates are referred to as “flexible electronics” in the technical sense. In 2000, Science listed organic flexible electronics as one of the top 10 scientific and technical advances.

Flexible electronics, made possible by the information age’s rapid progress, are now prized for their versatility and are being employed in a variety of applications, including human-computer interface, electronic skin, and implanted medical devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has entered a new phase, necessitating the development of highly interconnected and versatile adaptable electronic systems. In the face of ever-increasing environmental and energy difficulties, a team of researchers from China’s University of Science and Technology has developed a cheap, quick, and environmentally friendly method for creating flexible electronics.

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Electrospinning was used to create the thermoplastic polyurethane membrane. There are pre-made templates for printing liquid metal onto the thermoplastic polyurethane membrane, which serves as a substrate. Polyurethane and liquid metal nanofibers have an excellent responsiveness to assembly. Because liquid metal has a limited affinity for most substrates, scientists have been trying to change the liquid metal or substrate materials in order to accomplish printing and writing of liquid metal.

Using a standard sandwich construction, the system is built one layer over the other using a thermoplastic polyurethane membrane and liquid metal printed on top of each layer.


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